Monday, July 6, 2009

The best kind of news

Of all the kinds of news you can get, this ranks fairly high up on the list: withdrawal of the Health Insurance case. We received a formal letter from the insurance company stating that they had reviewed our submission of evidence and found that we were indeed residents of BC and that they have reinstated our insurance and benefits. We do not owe anything. There is no need for a hearing. Everything has returned to normal. The waiting is over. We are thrilled by their decision and know that God had His hand in this. More details are in an email we sent out recently. If you didn't get this, just let us know and we'll send it to you.

This means that we can proceed with plans to return to Cameroon. At this point we are imagining a late August/early September arrival in Cameroon. Rejoice with us for this great news!

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  1. We always waited for an awake moment and laid them on a white sheet on the kitchen table. You should be able to resize your own photos (for the right head size) and have them printed. All of ours were taken laying down at 3 days old. Glad you found a way and yay for the insurance news! =)


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