Tuesday, June 23, 2009

At last: a hearing date!

We've been waiting for this for more than a year. We now have a hearing date to present our case for residency in BC which is the heart of our BC Health insurance situation. July 27 we will be making our presentation before a panel of representatives from the Medical Services Commission (not a legal court hearing). Then they will make their decision and we will know the result and be able to move on. Having a date changes our lives in some ways, because now we can feel closer to being ready to go to Cameroon on assignment again. It means that God answers prayer - so many have been praying for our situation and that God would intervene. God is moving and we are happy to be a part of it. God bless you all for standing with us!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prayer and Praise

Praise the Lord!

* Joseph Cameron Hamm is here and part of our family! We are thankful he is well and that Valerie is recovering well from the C-section, and we are adjusting to a new dynamic of having three kids!

* We are also thankful for the time that Valerie’s parents could be with us here, helping to take care of our two while we were in hospital, and then helping with so many things after coming home. It was a very nice time with them and a chance for them to bond more with their grandchildren.

* MSP has received the argumentation with 41 pieces of evidence for our residency in British Columbia. Let’s pray that it is well received and will lead to good results. Pray that the Lord would touch the hearts of those who make the decisions in our case. Now we are waiting for MSP to review our material and then we can start to make plans for a date for the hearing.

Lord, we need You . . .

. . . in Canada

* Pray for Valerie as she has less sleep than normal, and for Cam too as he is taking over cooking for a while. It is going to be a while before we can get into a “normal” schedule again.

* We are hoping to travel to Cam’s parents place sometime this summer. Pray for good decisions about travel dates.

* We have decided to launch a blog and become part of Facebook in order to increase our interaction with you, our supporters, and other friends. http://cameroonchronicles.blogspot.com . We await your comments there!

. . . in Cameroon

* A site for one new community well has been tentatively agreed on, not too far from our house in Bafanji. The chief needs to arrange details with the land owner and the neighborhood leaders, and then the well could be dug in August/September. We are excited about this possibility. More info coming...

* The first draft of the Bafanji transition primer is ready to be printed on an as-needed basis. The creators of these books received their first copies to start testing by teaching others who already read English to learn to read their own language. They were thrilled to see the product of their hard work.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

One week old today

Joseph turned one week old today. He's doing great and so is his mother. God has blessed us with another healthy baby. That makes three kids. The older two are loving and accepting, but trying to keep Elly from hurting Joseph is not easy. She just wants to throw books (board books!) at him and smother him with blankets and get in his face (not so great since she and Noah have colds right now!). Everyone is adjusting to the new life in the family and mostly enjoying it. Joseph seems to be quite different from the older two in the area of physical looks. He's going to love his brother and sister, that's for sure.

About Us

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Cam and Valerie are part of a five-family team, assigned to a cluster of 10 related languages, called the Ndop Cluster. The team’s goal is to train local Christians to complete the task of Bible translation in all 10 languages in the cluster. Currently all members of the team are involved in language and culture learning as well as other language development initiatives such as linguistic research, literacy, and translation. As of 2008, all 10 languages have alphabets and started literacy, while 2 languages have some portions of Scripture translated. Our present goal is to continue learning the Bafanji language (Chufie'), and study the grammar and tone of the language. As we have a better understanding of these aspects of the language, the translators can be more aware of the unique capabilities of their languages to express the meaning of the Bible as it is translated. Later we will begin to train people in neighboring villages to follow similar steps for their own language. We work with Wycliffe Bible Translators to help give access to the Bible in minority languages of the world.