Monday, August 10, 2009


As I write this, it is 17 days until departure for Cameroon. Preparations are mostly under control. Visas are in progress, tickets are bought, sorting is under way, with much of the work done already. We have a few things to buy here that we cannot find in Cameroon, but mostly, we are ready to pack our bags. There are a lot of items that we have borrowed that need returning, and some things need to be given away. Traveling overseas has a wonderful way to de-clutter your life. Even so, we have a combined airline luggage allowance of 450 pounds in our family. That's lots of stuff! (Many families in developing countries have less than half of our luggage allowance...) Then there is carry-on luggage, car seats, and a stroller, etc... We are so happy to have someone to come and help us as we travel and work with the kids for three months as we get settled and readjusted to life in Cameroon.

We are indeed blessed. Returning to Cameroon means readjusting to filtering all drinking water, dealing with power cuts and water cuts, spending a lot more time cooking and cleaning. But it is the place that we are called to be, and so the inconveniences are easier to disregard. Nonetheless, we have been very accustomed to our modern conveniences in Canada and it will take some time to fully readjust to life there. Pray with us that the process will be smooth and safe. Pray as well for the transition that our kids will make. Even though Noah has been in Cameroon, he hardly remembers it. Saying good-byes here and moving to a new life might be a challenge for our kids, but I think they will mostly enjoy the new friends and new environment that is more in tune with nature (and more in tune with dirt!). We have been talking a lot about our life in Cameroon and what is there and what is not there. Noah is excited about all of the plane rides! It will be fun to experience life there through kids eyes.

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