Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here's a thought - what would you like to see here? What kind of content? Maps, points for prayer, pictures, videos, what else?


  1. I think maps are a great idea! Also, I would put at least some pictures up on this site. I know that facebook is an easier way to post them, but there might be some people who are not comfortable joining facebook to view those pictures. I like the world clocks you put on the page...that is very helpful.

    By the way, I am thrilled to hear that the hearing date has been set for July 27th. Another prayer answered...thank you Lord!

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  3. Oops, I misspelled Valerie's name. Here's my original comment:

    I'm following your blog and your Facebook (does Valerie have one?) so now I won't miss a thing. I'd love to see more photos of Africa!

  4. I can't quite place who the author of the Momma Chronicles is. You could email camhammiam at and introduce yourself.


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Cam and Valerie are part of a five-family team, assigned to a cluster of 10 related languages, called the Ndop Cluster. The team’s goal is to train local Christians to complete the task of Bible translation in all 10 languages in the cluster. Currently all members of the team are involved in language and culture learning as well as other language development initiatives such as linguistic research, literacy, and translation. As of 2008, all 10 languages have alphabets and started literacy, while 2 languages have some portions of Scripture translated. Our present goal is to continue learning the Bafanji language (Chufie'), and study the grammar and tone of the language. As we have a better understanding of these aspects of the language, the translators can be more aware of the unique capabilities of their languages to express the meaning of the Bible as it is translated. Later we will begin to train people in neighboring villages to follow similar steps for their own language. We work with Wycliffe Bible Translators to help give access to the Bible in minority languages of the world.